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The name of our publishing house appeared just as a consequence of several frustrated attempts with previously registered names. Therefore, “Lóguez” brand was born in a touch atypical way, much more atypical taking into account that we actually wanted a name which were able to point out our new line of publishing action, far from the old-fashioned, prudish literature for children and young-adults which dominated the market in that post-Franco Spain.


We stood up for a complete, deep change in the contents and physical appearance of those books intended for the younger people.

Since then, 1977, we have been struggling to maintain a respect for the readers by applying just a single principle to the decision of including a given book in our catalogue: accuracy in the quality, besides the need to offer “something new”.


Now, fortunately, there is a large amount of excellent authors, publishers and children-young adult literature-related professionals in our country. What has not changed, however, from our point of view, is the necessity of going on in the search for those texts, those illustrations, that information which keep alive the great pleasure of publishing a good book.

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Del viernes 18 al domingo 20 de octubre, tendrá lugar el 9º Congreso Nacional de Bibliotecas Móviles en Segovia
Con septiembre y el inicio del curso escolar, llegan nuestras novedades de otoño.
LIBER 2019
La Feria Internacional del Libro LIBER se celebrará este año en Madrid, del 9 al 11 de octubre, en el pabellón 7 de IFEMA.
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DOWNLOAD our catalogue
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