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Hildegard Müller

Hildegard Müller was born in 1957. She is a graphic designer, an illustrator and an author. She lives between Mangucia y Loquard. Her picture books have been awarded with important prizes

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Yo aquí sólo soy el perro

There is no one better than Jutta Richter to tell us a sweet and amusing, nearly philosophical, story about the relationships between dogs and men. In I’m just the dog around here, the point of view is turned upside down and it is the dog the one that tells us about.


Fluency and narrative rhythm make this story a small but brilliant piece of art.


Selected by Germán Sánchez Ruipérez Foundation to contribute “Lo + 2012” (2012 tops).

“Best books for children and young adults” award 2013, awarded by Banco del Libro.


"Jutta Richter’s prose is lucid and surprising and that is the reason why we find it so captivating… A book that allows us to enjoy each word and that invites us to look at the world we live in from a different point of view” (Babar Magazine).


“Dogs have walked with and protected people for centuries. Children’s literature has narrated this close relationship and Jutta Richter also writes, with I am just the dog around here, from a four-legged point of view, the story of this relationship, giving continuity to it by means of a small but brilliant work.

Anton, that is the main character’s name, is a dog with an immigrant past who find it difficult to forget his mother country. But Anton has been lucky indeed. This shepherd dog from Hungary has found a new home thanks to Friedbert, Emily and their little daughter. However, the three of them behave really differently than sheep, cows and jackals that he used to know in the Puszta, his homeland. Therefore, misunderstandings, troubles and funny situations are inevitable.

In a brilliant way, far from a kitsch style, Jutta Richter narrates about how and why almost any puppet can find a place in peoples’ hearts… Fluency and narrative rhythm make the readers be so attracted that they can sense how much happiness living with a wanderer like Anton brings.” (Süddeutsche Zeitung).

PRICE: 11.75 €
portada Sin música

Stories and legends have helped us since we were children to understand better our environment and the origin of everything that surround us. And, when they are about something so important as music, which is with us at every moment in our lives, then those stories and legends deserve to be put together in a wonderful book, which takes us to an amusing and instructive journey throughout music history, jumping from one piece of music to another thanks to the CD that is enclosed.

"... this book, which is accompanied by a CD, goes across the history of music, ranging from the Green mithology to the 20th century. The text has a clear aim of information and each chapter deals with a specific period of music, including a really amusing and educational theorical part and a fictional story which presents an anecdote or a character that was previously introduced in the chapter (...). As the author says, this book is structured in a way that is similar to Mussorgsky's Exhibition Pictures. In that piece of music, music describes the pictures. In this book, pictures are stories and music is the non-fiction compound. (...). The reading is combined with a CD that contains a selection of pieces from the text, with information side notes showing the track number: music by Bach, Monteverdi, Händel, Schubert, Bizet... There is even a song by Elvis, That's all right, Mama. There is also a glossary on the last pages which gives us some information about musical terms... This is an amusing and educational book, enjoyable by music lovers and very useful for obtaining a general overview which could attract those who are not experts" (Babar Magazine).


PRICE: 24.9 €
For Your Interest
Cuando ya estamos en el ecuador de la estación primaveral y antes de que llegue el solsticio de verano, queremos mostraros nuestras novedades de primavera.
"Los libros siempre fueron como sobres sorpresa. Quería saber qué había en ellos" (Heinz Janisch).
No ha sido una sorpresa, sino una gran alegría que después de varios años nominado, el jurado del IBBY haya reconocido la obra de Janisch y le haya otorgado el Premio Hans Christian Andersen 2024 por sus libros.
El 2 de Abril, en memoria de Hans Christian Andersen, el IBBY promueve la celebración del Día Internacional del Libro Infantil y Juvenil. Con ello se pretende honrar la memoria de Andersen y promocionar los libros infantiles y juveniles de calidad y fomentar la lectura.
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