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Albrecht Dürer's The Rhinoceros. 
Dieter Salzgeber

Albrecht Dürer gave expression to fantasy and visionary ideas by means of paintings and etchings that are as brilliant as detailed studies of nature. The rhinoceros is one of his most well known etchings.


PRICE: 10.5 €
Francisco José de Goya's The Snowfall (2ª edición)
Elke von Radziewsky

The artist J. de Goya was an ambivalent genius: ambitious, outsider, a traditionalist but revolutionary person, he was driven by their visions; he was a realistic person, a courtier and a rebel at the same time. In 1786, when he was designated to be the court painter, this “Snowfall” was made as a part of a cycle about the four seasons. Throughout exciting chapters, the painting, the artist and his time are introduced to us.


PRICE: 10.5 €
Franz Marc's The Blue Horses. 
Thomas David

What is the reason why horses are blue, deer are red and cows are yellow in his paintings? Because Franz Marc (1880-1916) did not just want to draw things like they “look like”, but he wanted to draw “what is behind them”. Among other avant-garde artists from the beginning of the 20th century, Marc became a pioneer in modern art in Germany.


PRICE: 10.5 €
Henri Rousseau's The Sleeping Gypsy. 
Angela Wenzel

Who is that mysterious coloured woman lying on the desert and dreaming under the moonlight? What is about to do the greedy feline that is leaning on the woman? La bohémienne endormie" ("the sleeping gypsy") is one of the most beautiful paintings of the custom officer and artist Henri Rousseau  (1844-1910).


PRICE: 10.5 €
Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa (2ª edición)
Thomas David

An artist, a sculptor, an architect, a scientist, an inventor and a philosopher. Leonardo, the Renaissance multitalented genius, apparently used the help of comedians and musicians to succeed in displaying this Lisa Gherardini’s worldwide known smile on his canvas .


PRICE: 10.5 €
Paolo Uccello: The Battle of San Romano. 
Elke von Radziewsky

Warriors and spears, horsemen and horses: This painting about war is maybe the most well known one by Paolo Uccello and a wonderful work of art from the beginning of the Renaissance. All Uccello’s passion is focused on the use of the perspective in his painting. Brilliantly, he shows the warrior confrontation, made at the powerful Medici’s request for his palace in Florence.


PRICE: 10.5 €
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