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Boys' book (3ª edición)
Sylvia Schneider

They watch porn, they speak carelessly about sex and life, but, actually, many teenagers are afraid of a lot of things, such us the bitterness of their own feelings, their new relationships with other people, or the future. They are afraid their bodies don’t develop in the usual way and they will be not handsome enough.

PRICE: 10.81 €
Girls' book (4ª edición)
Sylvia Schneider

Puberty is a period in a girl’s life in which everything change and everything is questioned. And it is, at the same time, a period of new experiences. This book provides answers for the numerous questions young girls have at this crucial moment in their lives.


PRICE: 10.22 €
Great indian chiefs (2ª edición)
Russell Freedman

"We soon realized that, after signing each agreement, we have lost a bit more of our territory, and the white man said “forever” when he actually meant to say “until the moment we need your land”.

Russell Freedman gives the floor to the great Indian chiefs and let the facts talk, without any fake sentimentality.


PRICE: 11.11 €
How do you spell God? (2ª edición)
Monsignor Thomas Hartman , Rabbi Marc Gellman

"In order to be in peace, we must learn about all different religions in the world”. These are Dalai Lama’s words in the prologue of this book. Gellman and Hartman are willing to make religions understandable and, to achieve that, they start with the “big questions” that religions made, even before the great philosophers did. In what way are we supposed to live? Is one of these questions. Or is there anything after death?


PRICE: 13.82 €
In broad daylight (2ª edición)
Maureen Sanders , Ouainé Bain

"What surprised me the most was discovering that it was not a kind of unusual situation that had only happened to me”

That is the conclusion most of the young victims of sexual abuse at some time of their childhood come to. This book is aimed specially to them and it tries, by means of an understanding, easy style, to break the silence and sadness that surrounds the victims.


PRICE: 9.92 €
portada Sin música
Nothing is worth without music (3ª edición)
Rudolf Herfurtner

A marvelous journey throughout the history of music, from Prehistoric times to Elvis Presley, jumping from one piece of music to another thanks to the enclosed CD.

PRICE: 24.9 €
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