flecha Pequeñológuez
A full moon night in my garden. 
Séverin Millet
What happens at night in the garden when everybody is sleeping? What if one, then two, then dozens of little builder ghosts showed up?
PRICE: 13.94 €
A rainy day at the zoo (2ª edición)
Isabel Pin

Little Ana and her father go together to the zoo to see the animals. However, it is raining when they arrive, and all animals stay inside their homes, which are suprisingly made in proportion to their sizes and shapes. So, she will not find it difficult to discover which animal lives at each house: the giraffe, the elephant, the penguin, the turtle...

PRICE: 13.94 €
A small house in the forest (2ª edición)
Jutta Bauer

The deer hosts everybody in his home: the little rabbit and the little fox, and even the hunter with his dog.

Once more, Jutta Bauer offers a sample of her artistic creativity, with a caring basis.



PRICE: 11.5 €
A star is shining for you. 
Nele Moost

There are not many things so mysterious for children as the shine from the stars. In this board book, there is a star for everyone that shines brilliantly. A star for the mouse, that has a toothache, for the little bears, in the need of a mother’s heat… and a star shinning specially for you.

PRICE: 13 €
At the circus (3ª edición)
Peter Knorr , Doro Göbel

Early in the morning, the city is in a mess. The circus is coming!  Multicoloured trailers make their way in the streets, and elephants, the camel and the donkey march from the storehouses station towards the square with the circus tent, where lots of hands are already working to lift the big circus tent. At dusk, the show begins. Give way to the artists!



PRICE: 15.99 €
Eating a wolf (2ª)
Cédric Ramadier
The little pig has decided that, for once, he will be the one to be eating the wolf, and not the other way round, so he shows us his recipe to cook a wolf, but has he a wolf in the pantry?
PRICE: 12.64 €
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