flecha Rosa y Manzana
A bench in the square. 
Raquel Díaz Reguera
Manuel, a man who sits every afternoon on a bench in the square with his fishing rod waiting for the salmons to bite, receives one day the company of other people who also come with their particular wishes. Each one of them contribute something to the group and all of them will enjoy the pleasure of their mutual company one afternoon after another.
PRICE: 15.99 €
A birthday. 
Doris Meissner-Johannknecht

A boy is arranging his own birthday and his twin brother’s birthday. While he is tidying up his bedroom with care, his mind is talking to his brother, who is disabled and can’t live with him. He imagines the kind of music he would play, his brother’s favourite one, and the story he would tell him, the one his brother loves the most. He cheers up with the birthday present he has prepared for his brother, the one he has been saving his allowance for, and he recalls the holidays they spent together, at Christmas and in the summer.


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A cloud in my bed. 
Heinz Janisch

Could you imagine something more beautiful than finding a white cloud in your bed? And what about something even funnier, like doing your homework with a gorilla? Or listening to the fish during the night? And, naturally, the most beautiful thing is to be able to tell and listen to these and other stories while you are sitting on a tree branch with your legs swaying.


PRICE: 15.99 €
ilustración de cubierta
A home for the little wolf. 
Jutta Langreuter

Little wolf has lost his family and he is looking for a shelter inside bears’ cave. However, he can’t stay there. Bear mother sends the little wolf in search of a new home to other animals' caves, despite the desire of her bear cubs.


PRICE: 11.75 €
A kiss before breakfast (6ª edición)
Raquel Díaz Reguera

All the mornings, before going out to work, Violeta’s mother leaves a kiss on her daugther’s pillow. That morning, the kiss, after kissing Violeta and drawing funny pirouettes around her bedroom, goes out the window and flies, flies away…


PRICE: 11.94 €
portada_una cucharadita
A teaspoon for.... 
Peter Schössow

What is the point of playing with the baby food over and over? Here you have Peter Shössow instructions to feed the youngest babies, which are full of colours and sense of humour.


PRICE: 8.99 €
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La publicación de los dos primeros volúmenes de la saga sobre la Señora Lana ha sido el pretexto para entrevistar a una de las autoras más prestigiosas de la Literatura Infantil europea: Jutta Richter.
Ella es nuestra autora del mes.
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La Feria Internacional del Libro LIBER vuelve en su 39ª edición a Madrid y en formato presencial, tras una feria exclusivamente digital. LIBER 2021 se celebrará del 13 al 15 de octubre en el pabellón 14 del recinto ferial de IFEMA.
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