Para siempre
Forever (2ª edición)
Kai Lüftner

"It will never be the same, mom said. But we'll have to keep going on. Even though it's difficult. Dad will always be with me".

A poetic picture book about how little Eugenio, after losing his dad, perplexed confronts the world.

PRICE: 11.75 €
El coleccionista de momentos_cubierta
The Collector of Moments (6ª edición)
Quint Buchholz

The friendship between an artist and a boy who is attracted by the painter Max’s personality and work and allowed by him to be in his study but not to look at the pictures he draws. Only when the artist set out for a long journey, he gives the boy his study’s key. And when the boy comes in, alone for the first time, he finds a whole exhibition displayed specially for his eyes.


A master class in Art (CLIJ, Children an Young Adults Literature Notebooks).

Bologna Ragazzi Award

Mildred L. Batchelder Award Honor Book given by American Library Association to the best book of the year in USA.


PRICE: 15.99 €
portada El Hombre Niebla
The Fog Man
Tomi Ungerer

Finn and Cara are brothers and they live in the Irish coast, where sheep graze on green cliffs, wind howls in the chimney and grey fog rises over the sea.

One day, when the brothers go sailing on a rowboat around the bay, a thick fog looms over them and ocean current drags them to a strange beach.









Selected by Publishers Weekly as one of the best picture books in 2013.


Selected by The New York Times to contribute the 10 Best Illustrated Books list, in 2013

PRICE: 13.99 €
El zorro que perdió la memoria
The fox that lost his memory (2ª edición)
Martin Baltscheit

Once upon a time there was a fox that knew everything a fox had to know. Because that who knows everything is bound to have a long life, this way the fox thought. And he enjoyed a long life full of adventures. But when he got old, he started to forget he was a fox.


German Award to the best Book for Children and Young Adults, 2011


PRICE: 13.6 €
Yo aquí sólo soy el perro
I'm just the dog around here (3ª edición)
Jutta Richter

There is no one better person than Jutta Richter to tell us a sweet and amusing, nearly philosophical, story about the relationships between dogs and men. In I’m just the dog around here, the point of view is turned upside down and it is the dog the one that tells us about.


PRICE: 11.75 €
The lion who can't write (8ª edición)
Martin Baltscheit

The lion can’t write, but he doesn’t care, since he can roar and he can show his fangs, and he needs no more. But one day, he meets a very pretty lioness and she is reading a book. And you can’t just kiss such a lady. You must write a love letter to her. So, the lion goes asking for help the monkey, the hippopotamus, the dung beetle, the vulture…


PRICE: 14.95 €
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