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A cloud in my bed
Heinz Janisch
Illustrations by Isabel Pin
Bookbinding: hardcover
Size: 25,2 x 24,5 cms
ISBN: 978-84-96646-28-5
Age: 5 years old and up
PRICE:  15.38 €

Could you imagine something more beautiful than finding a white cloud in your bed? And what about something even funnier, like doing your homework with a gorilla? Or listening to the fish during the night? And, naturally, the most beautiful thing is to be able to tell and listen to these and other stories while you are sitting on a tree branch with your legs swaying.

Heinz Janisch makes us be spellbound by his short poetic stories about children’s endless fantasy and Isabel Pin captures that poetry with her pictures, in a unique, unmistakable way.


“I am sitting on the most beautiful tree in the world…”

“It is really important for me that children enjoy the books as gifts”  (Heinz Janisch).

Austrian Award to the Best Children and Young Adults’s Book 2008

“… undoubtedly, poetic stories sometimes appear on the trees, and, specially, in picture books like this one.”  (Die Zeit).

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My grandmother's kerchief
Heinz Janisch

A little child’s declaration of love to his grandmother, who has symbolically trapped all in his world under her black kerchief…


A. Blau’s drawings underline the simplicity and wistfulness of the text, poetically showing the child’s feeling for her grandmother.

“And, in the end, a halo of beautiful mystery remains…” (Die Zeit).


“… this is a beautiful tale that is worth reading time and time again. Although it seems not much happens, we can find something new in it, something that makes as think and feel, each time we come back to it.” (SOL, Orientation to Readers Service).



Recommended by Club Kirico, from CEGAL.

PRICE: 8.99 €
Simply you
Heinz Janisch

Sometimes, you need to say I love you, but it is not always easy to find the rights words. H. Janisch has written a text that comes directly from the heart, creating together with Jutta Bauer this wonderful book.

PRICE: 12 €
Zas, poom!
Heinz Janisch

"Zas, poom!" it sounded when Segismund, a little nestling fell off his nest. Since then, he feels sad and he is a little different from the other birds. Eventually, Emilia, an old hare will help him to recover the joy for living.

A beautiful and touching story about disabilities.



“An optimistic, enjoyable to read, picture book, with a first-class layout, that deals with doors that close and other doors that, luckily, open. (Cuatrogatos, Children’s Literature Magazine).

“Beneath these bland colours there are lots of rich textures and shades that bring warmth to the full of movement pictures. Beyond a simple happy ending story we will find such a complex psychoanalysis session, through which the main character will eventually recognize himself and embrace his peculiarities, thanks to the help of a doctor hare and a couch” (Raquel López in Babar).

PRICE: 11.75 €
Red cheeks
Heinz Janisch

Is there anything more beautiful than having a grandfather who can tell the craziest stories, the smallest and biggest miracles and the most incredible andventures?

Red Cheeks have been honored with the Bologna Ragazzi Award 2006

Selected for the German Prize to the best Children’s book in 2006 (picture book).


“The exciting stories involving the grandfather and his grandson told by Heinz Janisch in a tender way, which are about childhood, happiness, love and red cheeks, are illustrated by Aljoscha Blau with beautiful drawings and wonderfully poetic colours, that make Red Cheeks… one of the most beautiful books, in which the text, the drawings and the edition make a perfect unit.” (Die Zeit).


“The magic conjunction among text, drawings and edition has resulted in this superb picture book with surrealistic and poetic views, that tells us, among many other things, about a beautiful relationship between a grandparent and his grandson, a relationship that even survives death.” (CLIJ, March, 2007).

PRICE: 15.99 €
The king and the sea
Heinz Janisch

21 short stories that could have happened to the Little Prince. Short episodes with a second reading, drawn by Wolf Erlbruch, who again proves his great skill in transferring the high questions of life to his drawings, in a way which is easily to understand both by children and adults.


Children and Young Adults Literature Autrian Award, 2009


“A beautiful and minimalistic picture book with short stories in a Koan zen way, starred by a king and full of metaphors and thoughts about human nature: power, man-nature relationship, Pride, Beauty…” (Babar Magazine).


“A small, wise book” (Die Zeit).


“The easy language depicted in drawings and texts allows both young and adult readers to think and reflect”. (Süddeutsche Zeitung).

PRICE: 13 €
My happiness is you
Heinz Janisch
When at the mountain, you want to be by the sea
and when by the sea, you want to be at the mountain.
There is only one place where you'd like to stay forever: by their side.
PRICE: 12 €
La Gran Carrera
La Gran Carrera
Heinz Janisch
La tensión va en aumento – la más famosa carrera de caballos del mundo va a comenzar. Inmediatamente antes, se completan las apuestas, se llenan las tribunas. Pero hay inquietud en el hipódromo: algo no es como otros años. ¿Qué está pasando?

Seleccionado por Fundalectura entre los Libros Altamente Recomendados 2021

"Janisch nos vuelve a sorprender con uno de esos álbumes que, tras una apariencia humorística afianzada por las ilustraciones de corte caricaturesco de Gerhard Haderer, esconde una historia bastante crítica en la que los adultos se pueden ver reflejados. (...) Un libro con mucho encanto y enjundia, no sólo porque abre nuevos caminos discursivos, sino porque estimula el juego de preguntas y respuestas con los lectores" (Donde viven los monstruos: LIJ).

PRICE: 12 €
La batalla de Karlavach
Heinz Janisch

Unas gotas de helado de arándanos caen sobre la piel de un perro, lo que provoca un enfrentamiento. El enfrentamiento se extiende y ya los ejércitos avanzan y vociferan los jefes: “¡Adelante! ¡Atrás! ¡Vamos!”.

Los gorros vuelan hacia el enemigo, que se los devuelve por el aire. Les siguen botones de casacas y finalmente uniformes. De pronto, todos están en calzoncillos. Ahora nadie sabe a qué ejército pertenece.

“¡Tengo hambre!”, exclama uno. “¡Yo también, yo también!”, se oye desde todos los lados. Y ya el olor a salchicha asada y los pensamientos en los más queridos de casa alejan a los hombres de la batalla.

Solamente los comandantes en jefe de los ejércitos se quedan, rígidos como monumentos de piedra.

Este libro ha sido incluido en la lista White Ravens 2019 de la Internationale Jugendbibliothek.

Haz clic aquí para hojear las primeras páginas.

"... Una brillante metáfora con la que el austriaco Janisch construye un alegato antibelicista, elegido por el equipo de la prestigiosa Internationale Jugend Bibliothek de Múnich como uno de los mejores libros del año 2019 (Listado White Ravens). La narración está secuenciada a partir de cuatro pliegos sin palabras, a doble página, que contextualizan el origen de la lucha y que desembocan en una colección de escenas firmadas por el artista ruso Aljoscha Blau, varias veces nominado al ALMA gracias a un personal e inconfundible estilo que en este álbum alcanza esplendor". (Canal Lector).

La batalla de Karlavach- booktrailer

PRICE: 13.99 €
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