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Carlos Blanco
Bookbinding: paperback
Size: 13,5 x 21 cms
ISBN: 978-84-96646-24-7
Age: 12 years old and up
PRICE:  8.96 €

Copernicus introduces to us the life and work of this man of genius from the 15th century. A man that dared on his own to change the concept of Universe that mankind has onsidered to be true for millenniums.

His work is framed in one of the most beautiful and interesting periods of the human adventure of discovery and knowledge, since it belongs to the very beginning of modern science. Copernicus’ theory was the base for the studies later carried out by Galileo, Kepler or Newton.

It is therefore not surprise the fact that Copernicus’ mind has fascinated so many people throughout History.

Carlos Blanco describes the atmosphere of the age when Nicolaus Copernicus lived, he looks into his scientific thoughts and ponder the revolution they meant, not only for science, but for the way of thinking of society in that moment. He finally studies the influence of Copernicus’ works, both on his period and nowadays.

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Carlos Blanco

Leibniz is one of the most exceptional minds in the history of mankind. It will be difficult to find a more universal and versatile intelligence. He stood out in Philosophy, Mathematics, Diplomacy, ecumenical and intercultural dialogue, Linguistic, Logic… He discovered the Infenitesimal Calculus, the basis for modern mathematics, working independently of Newton and he was a pioneer in formal logic. He was interested in Chinese civilization, he founded several scientific academies in Europe and he had a vast correspondence with other scholars and leaders.

Carlos Blanco addresses Leibniz’s figure with the enthusiasm, simplicity and exactitude that characterized him and take the readers to a journey throughout the fascinating period Leibniz helped to create:  17th and 18th centuries, the beginning of modern science, the development of renaissance philosophy and their influences on Illustration and modern world.

Carlos Blanco’s work describes Leibniz’s background and times, it analyses the different sides of his multitalented intellectual activity and the findings of his brilliant mind, it tells us about his huge bibliography and look into the influence of Leibniz’s works throughout history.

PRICE: 9.31 €
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