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Majo the rhinoceros
Horacio Elena
Bookbinding: hardcover
Size: 22 x 22,3 cms
ISBN: 978-84-89804-77-7
Age: 4 years old and up
PRICE:  11.56 €

Majo is a really ugly rhinoceros, according to what other wild animals say and to his own view, that decides to leave the land where he lives and to search for the land where men live.

On his way, he bumps into other animals that offer several objects in exchange for money; objects which purpose is to “make him beautiful”.

Thus, wearing a corset, leggings, a ribbon, glasses, a hat and a moustache, he arrives in the “Land of Men”.


However, he is welcomed with a noisy guffaw… people burst out laughing until a little girl take all the things that don’t belong to the Rhinoceros body off for Majo and she finally introduces him to the people like what he really is: a beautiful rhinoceros.



“Impressed by the figure of the rhinoceros in the cover, which is sweet and powerful at the same time, with a tear dropping from his left eye, we opened this picture book full of wonderful expectations. And his contents will not disappoint us… The illustrator excels this tale full of elegance, sweetness, sense of humour, both in the text and in the pictures… The author/illustrator performs a masterpiece with this portrait of the rhinoceros, which is introduced in a naturalist way, but, at the same time, it is provided with expressivity, feelings, texture… It is a brilliant picture book, which is also suitable for pre-readers” (CLIJ, Children and Young Adult’s Literature Notebooks).

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